Monday, September 20, 2010

Known Flatt and Scruggs Live Recordings

Here is a lsting of live recordings by Flatt and Scruggs. Many are not commercially available:

1946-1948 Grand Ole Opry (w-Monroe)

1947/xx/xx Grand Ole Opry (w-Monroe, different)

1949/xx/xx WCYB Farm'n Fun Time (3 songs)

195x/xx/xx Earl & Don Reno on the Opry (2 songs)

195x/xx/xx Hotel Jam Session (late 50s)

1952/xx/xx Radio (?)

1952/xx/xx The Ritz Teather

1953/06/xx Martha White Monring Shows

1954/xx/xx Martha White Morning Shows

1955/xx/xx Martha White Morning Shows (w-1954 tracks)

1956/06/24 New River Ranch

1957/04/28 New River Ranch

1957/12/10 Fortune Feed Show

1957/12/xx Martha White Morning Show

1957/12/xx Leatherneck Jamboree

1957/xx/xx Martha White Biscuit Time

1957/xx/xx Jam at Arthur Smith's home

1958/06/15 New River Ranch

1958/07/27 New River Ranch

1958/xx/xx New River Ranch (various dates)

1959/09/06 New River Ranch

1959/xx/xx WSAZ-TV Shows (June and November)

1959 Earl w Hylo Brown Newport Folk Festival

1959/xx/xx Pet Milk Grand Ole Opry (from LP)

1960 F,S FMB Newport Folk Festival

1966 F,S FMB

196x/xx/xx Earl, Bill Keith & Randy Scruggs

1960/05/29 New River Ranch

1960/06/16 Folk Sound USA TV Broadcast

1960/12/16 Pet Milk Grand Ole Opry

1961/04/07 Iron City, TN

1961/08/04 Scottsville, KY

1961/12/03 Mount Vernon, VA

1961/xx/xx The Ash Grove

1961/xx/xx Sunset Park

1961/xx/xx Berkeley

1962/05/12 University of Illinois (archive)

1962/12/08 Carnegie Hall

1962/xx/xx Ash Grove

1962/xx/xx Sunset Park

1963/05/02 Vanderbilt University

1963/xx/xx Earl answering a fan

1964/xx/xx Cornell University

1964/xx/xx Macon, GA (incomplete?)

1964/xx/xx Martha White Shows

1965/xx/xx Houston, TX

1965/xx/xx Grand Ole Opry Shows

1966/10/06 Houston

1966/xx/xx Cornell University

1966/04/09 2nd Cornell University

1968/03/xx Osaka, Japan

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