Monday, July 19, 2010

Past members of the "Foggy Mountain Boys"

Lester Flatt (lead guitar)
Earl Scruggs (banjo, rhythm guitar)
Paul Warren (fiddle)
John Ray "Curly" Seckler (mandolin)
Burkett "Uncle Josh" Graves (Dobro, bass)
English P. “Cousin Jake” Tullock (bass)
Robert "Chubby" Wise (fiddle)
Jim Shumate (fiddle)
Benny Martin (fiddle)
Benny Sims (fiddle)
Howdy Forrester (fiddle)
Art Wooten (fiddle)
Howard Watts aka "Cedric Rainwater" (bass)
Charles Johnson aka "Little Jody Rainwater" (bass)
Frank "Hylo" Brown (bass, guitar)
Charles “Little Darlin’” Elza (bass)
Joe Stuart (bass)
Bob Moore (bass)
Everette Lilly (mandolin)
Curly Seckler (mandolin)
Jim Eanes (guitar)
Mac Wiseman (guitar)
Billy E. Powers (guitar)
Johnny Johnson (guitar)
Earl Taylor (mandolin and harmonica)


  1. Some I don't see mentioned:

    - Junior Huskey: played bass for the boys in the early 50s. He's the bass player on all the surviving 1953 radio transcripts.
    - Onie Wheeler: played bass and sang some of his songs with the band in 1956.
    - Richard "Curly" Lambert: played rhythm guitar and sang tenor around 1959.
    - Monroe Fields: played mandolin and sang tenor in the mid 60s.

    There might be more, but these are on top of my head right now...hope this helps.

  2. We are really enjoying the DVD collection of Flatt & Scruggs Grand Ole Opry.